16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage

If I’m honest with myself, I entered into my first marriage with many of these misconceptions. These beliefs made recognizing and admitting to any cracks in the marriage a proposition too scary to face because any faults would threaten my assumptions. And I’m not alone in these inflated expectations of marriage. Over time, matrimony hasContinue reading “16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage”

Get Used to Disappointment

Well, maybe not disappointment so much as having expectations, making plans and then having to discard them. Again. And again. I planned and prepared for a presentation I was supposed to give this past Monday. And then school was canceled because of ice. I prepared and stressed over a medical procedure that was scheduled forContinue reading “Get Used to Disappointment”

Accept Help. Don’t Expect Help.

I’ve never been very good when it comes to accepting help. I used to see it as a weakness to allow others to come to my aid. My “I can do it myself” attitude shone through even as a toddler when I would use some random object as a tool to allow me to turn onContinue reading “Accept Help. Don’t Expect Help.”

Are Expectations Dooming Marriage?

Expectations. We build them up. We revel in them. And then, all too often, reality dashes them. We hold them – the expectations and the actual – side by side and look for flaws, not unlike the drawings in the Hallmark magazines of our youth. And we curse reality, bemoan our bad luck or growContinue reading “Are Expectations Dooming Marriage?”