The Impersonator

With the advent of the warm weather, Brock and I have taken to practically living on the porch. The house is surrounded by mature trees and shrubs, which provide food and shelter for numerous birds. And squirrels. Always squirrels. We enjoy sitting with our beverages and watching the live Nat Geo production unfold around us.Continue reading “The Impersonator”

From the Fugue

I’m just now rejoining the land of the living. I was among the zombies for the past couple days. No, not in a fun way like when Brock and I were extras in a movie about the walking dead, but in a ‘my body has been taken over by pathogens’ kind of way. Not soContinue reading “From the Fugue”

Mental Rehearsal vs. Expectations

What is the difference between mental rehearsal of an event and creating expectations for the event? There has been quite a bit of research and discourse in the last few years about the nature and benefits of mental rehearsal for athletes and others in positions that require a demanding and skilled physical performance. They areContinue reading “Mental Rehearsal vs. Expectations”

Through a Child’s Eyes

  Through a child’s eyes.   What do we mean when we use this phrase? These words that try to capture the wonderment and excitement in the youth as they experience something new? What is it that makes it childlike and how can we capture that feeling even when our eyes are framed in crow’sContinue reading “Through a Child’s Eyes”