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Holiday Survival Tips for the Divorced and Separated

There is no season more polarizing than the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. For some, it is eagerly anticipated as they welcome the time with family and tradition. For others, it is a...


Free Webinar – How to Survive the Holidays While You’re Surviving Divorce

My friends over at Midlife Divorce Recovery have a free webinar on Monday with tips on how to survive the upcoming holiday season. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Here’s the info:...


A Cynic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

So you thought you were safe? You survived the holiday season and you were beginning to settle back into normalcy. And then. Wham! Back with the sappy commercials. Out come the gaudy decorations. The...


I May Not Be Traditional

My boyfriend and I went camping on our first two Thanksgivings together. Neither one of us have family in town and we are physically unable to fragment ourselves enough to visit everyone spread across...

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