Ghosts of Christmas

Christmas can be such a polarizing season. Some people are enraptured by the sights and sounds, while others, lamenting what they have lost or never had, fall into despair. Why is it that a holiday can have so much power to drive our emotions? Why are some okay with their lives from January through November,Continue reading “Ghosts of Christmas”

Lessons From the Canyon

We just returned from our annual Thanksgiving camping trip.The car is unpacked, the boots are off, and the washing machine is steadily rinsing away any traces of campfire smoke. The trip may be over, but there are lessons and memories still to savor.                     I wasContinue reading “Lessons From the Canyon”

I May Not Be Traditional

My boyfriend and I went camping on our first two Thanksgivings together. Neither one of us have family in town and we are physically unable to fragment ourselves enough to visit everyone spread across the country. So we don’t try. We love our camping trips.  It is a wonderful time to disconnect and reconnect. ToContinue reading “I May Not Be Traditional”