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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Peace Offering

My ex husband has visited me the past several nights. Not in person, thank goodness, but in my dreams. When I awoke from the first one, I found myself strangely calm and more than a little perplexed. I was surprised for a couple reasons. I’m nearing the tenth anniversary of the day the marriage diedContinue reading “Peace Offering”

For You

My wish for you this holiday season – Peace. Peace with your past and with your present. Peace with your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Peace with where you are and with your dreams. Place your worries on pause. Let go of what was. And for today, be in peace. Wishing you and yourContinue reading “For You”

Chutes and Ladders

Do you remember the game Chutes and Ladders? The slow, steady climb to the top of the board? The delighted squeal that would escape your lips when luck granted you a ladder, bypassing multiple rows in a single move? The utter helplessness and defeat when that same luck turned and landed you on a chute,Continue reading “Chutes and Ladders”

Forgiveness 101

Forgiveness. That word is often tossed about in hushed and almost reverent tones. It is the holy grail of one betrayed. Have you forgiven yet? We feel pushed to reach that nirvana, yet we are unsure how to navigate the labyrinthine path that leads us there. Nor are we even sure that we would recognizeContinue reading “Forgiveness 101”

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