Every Season Has Its Blessings

My plants look tired. The once-green foliage has become yellowed from the demands of growth amidst the heat of the summer. Many of the blooms have gone, leaving only the bare stalks as a reminder of the previous bounty. Even the trees look weary, their spotted and pock-marked leaves dulled before they take on theContinue reading “Every Season Has Its Blessings”

Divorce Season

It’s always sad to me how many new readers I gain in late December and early January. From a blogging perspective, sure it’s nice to see an uptick in stats, but from a human perspective, every new reader represents one more person facing a painful (and frequently unexpected) divorce. I often wish I had no readers.Continue reading “Divorce Season”

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season. The stretch of the year anticipated by some and dreaded by others. It’s the time when family gathers and the lack of family pierces. We bond over memories and rituals and some mourn the loss of traditions. We see the wonder of the season through the eyes of our children and someContinue reading “‘Tis the Season”