A Cynic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

So you thought you were safe? You survived the holiday season and you were beginning to settle back into normalcy. And then. Wham! Back with the sappy commercials. Out come the gaudy decorations. The messages of material happiness are yet again bombarding our senses from every direction. Happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there’s anyContinue reading “A Cynic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day”

Can You Pin Happiness?

  I joined Pinterest a few months ago to see what all of the fuss was about and to share my quotes and book information. I spent a few hours over the next week exploring various topic streams and signing up to follow boards that I found interesting (fitness, vegetarian, inspirational quotes). I love PinterestContinue reading “Can You Pin Happiness?”

Static Cling

  I came across this article today (Cling Less, Love More) on Psychology Today and found myself startled with realization. I never would have described myself as clingy with my ex – I was independent (often too much so), not jealous, and was frequently apart from him for long periods while he traveled. Then IContinue reading “Static Cling”