Growing Older, Growing Wiser…IF You Keep This in Mind

Have you noticed that some people seem to find their inner zen and worldly wisdom as they age while others only seem to settle into negativity and bitterness? Have you ever wondered why that is? As we get older, there are two opposing forces that can impact our general happiness and outlook. Two divergent agenciesContinue reading “Growing Older, Growing Wiser…IF You Keep This in Mind”

Guest Post: How Life’s Struggles Shouldn’t Rob You Of Its Joy

My grandmother has faced so many enormous struggles in her almost 100 years on this earth. And it seems she has emerged from each one wiser and more joyful. Not because of the struggles, but because of her determination to not allow the bad days to steal her smile. When my own bad days threatenedContinue reading “Guest Post: How Life’s Struggles Shouldn’t Rob You Of Its Joy”


During periods of struggle in my life, my maternal grandmother has been my lighthouse. She has endured many hardships during her 94 years and each one has caused her to embrace life with even more passion and vigor. She showed me from a very young age that although you cannot always change your circumstances, youContinue reading “Legacy”

We Are Women

  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson On the surface, it was a simple girl’s weekend at the beach. But much lies beneath the waves at the ocean in the form of great beauty and unexplored possibilities. On the surface,Continue reading “We Are Women”