Six Compelling Signs It’s Time to Ask For Help

I’ve never liked to ask for help. Even as a toddler, I would improvise tools to reach light switches or fold up my blanket in order to avoid having to rely upon somebody else. Fast forward to adulthood, and my, “I got this” attitude only increased. At work, I would volunteer to take on allContinue reading “Six Compelling Signs It’s Time to Ask For Help”

Five Qualities You Gain From Struggle

When I checked my Twitter feed the other day, I saw that something called the “Barkley Marathon” was trending. I was instantly curious. After all, I’d never heard of this particular run (even though I’m a runner) and there didn’t seem to be any terrorist activity associated with the race (thank goodness). So why wasContinue reading “Five Qualities You Gain From Struggle”

Not Suitable For Release

Several days ago, a tiger was spotted near I-75 just outside of Atlanta. I can only imagine the initial reaction of the 911 center when the first call came through early that morning – “911. What’s your emergency.” “Uh, yeah. There’s a tiger walking down my street.” “Did you say a tiger, sir?” the operatorContinue reading “Not Suitable For Release”

The Power of “Me Too”

I recently responded to a woman over at Divorce Force. She had just discovered that for 30 of the 34 years she spent with her husband, he had another family. Her post is brief, the details sparse. But I’m confident that one of the many overwhelming emotions she is feeling right now is that ofContinue reading “The Power of “Me Too””