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The Value of Therapy

“What is the value of therapy?” the email continues, after the writer has detailed her struggles moving through divorce. Another message contains the statement, “I’ve been in therapy for years and I’m wondering if...



When I was fourteen, I spent several months doing intensive outpatient physical therapy for an arm that had decided to go on strike. I was receiving therapy at an excellent rehabilitation hospital that primarily...



Part of my daily routine involves reading. A lot of reading. I come by this honestly; both of my parents are avid readers and seekers of information. Hardly a day goes by without at...


Therapy in the Writing Process

Journaling has long been accepted as a useful tool in the therapeutic process. Traditional journaling can certainly provide benefits. It is a “safe” space to explore powerful feelings. It encourages reflection and honesty and...


There’s No Shame in Asking for Help

I have always been very independent.  As a very young (and short) child, I would use household objects as tool in order to reach the light switches so that I would not have to...

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