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What We Gain From Reading Fiction

Its a “snow day” in the ATL today. That means that the temperatures may dip below freezing and the cold rain may solidify into ice or snow. In an an abundance of caution (and...


My Summer Flings

A reacquaintance… My whole life, I’ve always been a huge reader. In fact, I did a trip to the PNW with my parents when I was eight that pretty much mirrored the one I...


Use This Trick to Set Yourself Up For Happiness

I did it again the other day. I was a few chapters into a new book when my initial positive feelings about the characters and the story began to wane. Instead of either committing...


March Reading List

I’m still not quite ready to start writing again. The raw shockiness has passed. I hope. It hit hard this morning- my first morning at home in over 18 years that didn’t begin with...


You’re Not Special

You’re not special. That realization was the  hardest pill for me to swallow post-divorce. I would read or listen about the depths of pain others experienced through divorce and silently believe that my pain...

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