Signs It’s Time to Make a Change

Change is hard. And so, like with many things that are hard, we often do our best to avoid it. Sometimes, we are left with no choice. After all, when the house is on fire, there’s nothing to do but run out out the door. But instead, if that house is just a little tooContinue reading “Signs It’s Time to Make a Change”

9 Reasons People Stay in an Unhappy Marriage

Why would someone choose to stay in an unhappy marriage? I remember questioning my ex husband about his parent’s marriage while we were still teenagers – “They seem miserable. Why do you think they stay together?” I asked as we drove away from his childhood home. “I guess they decided that they would rather beContinue reading “9 Reasons People Stay in an Unhappy Marriage”

Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather

It’s been an odd winter in the Southeast this year. We’ve had record rainfall and relatively moderate temperatures. The near-constant flooding has meant that most of the trails (many of which run alongside streams in low-lying areas) have been inaccessible and even damaged from the fast flowing water. Without perspective, you might easily assume thatContinue reading “Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather”

What NOT to Do If You’re Unhappy in Your Marriage

So you’ve come to realize that you’re unhappy in your marriage. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you look forward to the times when your spouse is out of the home. Maybe you’re feeling increasingly stifled or frustrated with your life and you’re experiencing a driving need to do something different. Or your spouse has begun toContinue reading “What NOT to Do If You’re Unhappy in Your Marriage”