A Letter to My Ex On the Eve of My Wedding

This was first published in The Huffington Post almost seven years ago. It soon became one of my more controversial pieces. Some people claimed I obviously wasn’t over my ex while others related to the way that every relationship we experience becomes a part of our story. It’s strange to read it now, as itContinue reading “A Letter to My Ex On the Eve of My Wedding”

Guest Post: A Letter to Myself

  Dear Adriana 2017 by Adriana Verdad   A letter to myself in 2017, when I was in the beginning, and the thick of the terror, harassment, and extreme emotional abuse. At that time, I was living on Mountain Dew and cigarettes. I didn’t sleep, or eat. I had lost 20 pounds in two weeks,Continue reading “Guest Post: A Letter to Myself”


The story of this missing plane just keeps getting stranger. It’s interesting to me to watch how surprised people are that we do not yet have answers. How shocked people are that it remains a mystery even in the face of technology and manpower. We like to read mysteries, not live them. We crave theContinue reading “Mystery”

Nothing More to Say

I was catching up with an old friend the other day when she asked the inevitable question about my ex. “Do you think you’ll ever see him again?” “Well, actually, I have,” I replied and proceeded to give her a brief synopsis of the encounter this past April. “I would have yelled in his face,”Continue reading “Nothing More to Say”