Staying With the The Devil You Know

Is it better to stay with the devil you know? The Monty Hall problem is a famous puzzle in mathematics. In this dilemma, a contestant on a gameshow is attempting to correctly choose the one door out of of three that hides a prize. The contestant selects door and does not open it. The hostContinue reading “Staying With the The Devil You Know”

Guest Post: Walking Like Sasquatch

While I am away for a few days, I am sharing a series of guest posts from some awesome bloggers. This one is from Chey Being, who describes herself on her “About” page: I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe in laughing, especially at yourself. Flowers make me incredibly happy. I believe thereContinue reading “Guest Post: Walking Like Sasquatch”

Too Many, Too Much

I met up with a friend this morning for a run. She’s at a point in her life where she wants to make some changes and she has many options open to her. Sounds good, right? Well, much like research has shown, too many options are simply too much for us to handle. (Some findContinue reading “Too Many, Too Much”

Those Who Can

I never planned on becoming a teacher. My initial goal was architecture, but I veered away from that field as fewer and fewer opportunities were available within the profession.  My next choice was physical therapy – it offered the blend of science and social interaction I desired plus I was drawn to the idea ofContinue reading “Those Who Can”