Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

I’ve always considered myself a smart person. And so, when I was confronted with the harsh reality of how stupid I was in my first marriage, it was a tough reality to accept. How could I be SO dumb when it comes to love? 1 – Smart People Are Still Subject to the Addictive NatureContinue reading “Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love”

Am I Doing the Right Thing?

It’s one of the most common questions we all share. And one of the hardest to answer. “Am I doing the right thing?” This query may be about a parenting decision, a choice at work or about the status of a relationship. It can be a major life decision, a switch that changes the entire trackContinue reading “Am I Doing the Right Thing?”

Can’t Please Everybody

The news that my school district will be closed for its fourth snow/ice day rolled in a couple of hours ago. Throughout the past couple weeks, as questionable weather has dominated, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the district’s Facebook page for information. The updates have been pleasant and helpful. The comments? Not soContinue reading “Can’t Please Everybody”