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Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

I’ve always considered myself a smart person. And so, when I was confronted with the harsh reality of how stupid I was in my first marriage, it was a tough reality to accept. How...


Am I Doing the Right Thing?

It’s one of the most common questions we all share. And one of the hardest to answer. “Am I doing the right thing?” This query may be about a parenting decision, a choice at work...


Can’t Please Everybody

The news that my school district will be closed for its fourth snow/ice day rolled in a couple of hours ago. Throughout the past couple weeks, as questionable weather has dominated, I’ve been keeping...


Turning Points

Two high school girls came into my last period class on Friday to talk with my 8th graders about the decisions they would soon be facing about their high school classes and clubs. One...


You’re Not Flipping the Switch, You’re Turning the Dial

We often believe that decisions in our lives are decisive, one choice made over another as resolutely as flipping a switch. We’re often wrong. Most decisions in our lives are made like the slow...

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