Self-Doubt During Times of Change

I spent some time this morning journaling about self-doubt. And since this is a common reaction during periods of change and divorce certainly qualifies as a major life renovation, I decided to share my thoughts with you – Self-doubt is a normal, natural and expected part of any transition. It is temporary and it’s worstContinue reading “Self-Doubt During Times of Change”

Challenging Fears

I’m the in clarity-seeking and courage-building phase of a major life change. And like any change, it’s scary. Especially in that wind-up to the actual leap. I’m very aware that I need to manage this anxiety around the transition, otherwise it will keep be stuck in the same place that is sending me clear signalsContinue reading “Challenging Fears”

When All You See is the Path, You Lose the Destination

I took my second jiu jitsu class today. For the most part, the language of the mat is as unfamiliar to me as Latvian was last month. But every so often, a phrase will reach my ears that makes perfect sense. At the end of class, my husband has everybody circle up and share oneContinue reading “When All You See is the Path, You Lose the Destination”

How Will Your Divorce Change You?

Have you ever placed a plant in a window and neglected to turn it for a period of time? If so, you’re familiar with that asymmetrical appearance that occurs as the plant resolutely grows towards the light. In plants, this behavior is called phototropism, one of many innate growth mechanisms that dictate how the plantContinue reading “How Will Your Divorce Change You?”