How Will Your Divorce Change You?

Have you ever placed a plant in a window and neglected to turn it for a period of time? If so, you’re familiar with that asymmetrical appearance that occurs as the plant resolutely grows towards the light. In plants, this behavior is called phototropism, one of many innate growth mechanisms that dictate how the plantContinue reading “How Will Your Divorce Change You?”

The Surprising Way Divorce Can Affect You

For the most part, I guess you could call my response to divorce typical. I spent hours laying in bed, tears soaking the pillow beneath my matted hair, mourning the life and love that had been ripped from me. I expressed anger and bitterness towards my couldn’t-be-ex-soon-enough as I learned of his betrayals and indiscretions.Continue reading “The Surprising Way Divorce Can Affect You”

What to Expect In Your Teenager When You’re Divorcing

I had someone ask me earlier if I had any resources on kids during divorce. My first reaction was to say that, although I’m a child of divorce, I don’t really have any experience as the adult in that situation. But then I asked what grade the kid in question was in. And once IContinue reading “What to Expect In Your Teenager When You’re Divorcing”