It Stays With You

Texas has been getting pummeled with repeated rounds of severe storms. And Texans aren’t surprised. Because they’ve come to expect these epic storms. It’s familiar territory. And once you’ve been a Texan (raises hand), you’ve always been a Texan. With a Texan’s memories and expectations. These are some pictures of flooding in San Antonio, whereContinue reading “It Stays With You”

10 Reasons Being Gaslighted Is the Worst

Ten reasons being gaslighted is the worst – There’s a reason governments utilize psychological torture techniques on suspected terrorists. It works. It’s a way of controlling somebody discretely. Without obvious threats or harm. Simply by controlling their reality and steering their perceptions. Planting seeds of doubt and carefully nurturing them until a dependence upon theContinue reading “10 Reasons Being Gaslighted Is the Worst”

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Naivete and Panic

I had a bit of a freak out earlier this week. Actually, to be completely truthful, I’m still trying to tame the freak out. The specifics don’t really matter here. What you need to know is this – I saw a small thing. A no-thing. A thing with no supporting things to make it intoContinue reading “Finding the Sweet Spot Between Naivete and Panic”