Finding the Sweet Spot Between Naivete and Panic

I had a bit of a freak out earlier this week. Actually, to be completely truthful, I’m still trying to tame the freak out. The specifics don’t really matter here. What you need to know is this – I saw a small thing. A no-thing. A thing with no supporting things to make it intoContinue reading “Finding the Sweet Spot Between Naivete and Panic”


According to Cesar Millan, every bad moment is an opportunity for rehabilitation. He doesn’t panic when a dog lunges. He doesn’t get angry when they try to bite. He doesn’t give up when the dog snaps. He simply sees the moment as an opportunity. A moment to show the dog another choice. A different wayContinue reading “Opportunity”

I’ve Fallen – But I Can Get Up!

I’ve just returned from my first ever – Gulp! – ski trip. Experienced skiers – prepare to chuckle. I was nervous yet excited for the trip. I was looking forward to time in the mountains (always a favorite of mine) and some quality time with my man. The nerves? Those were because I knew thatContinue reading “I’ve Fallen – But I Can Get Up!”

I’m Over Overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed is a feeling I am all too familiar with. I am a planner by nature and those to-do lists seem to experience exponential growth in my hands. This can be a helpful trait, as it allows me to have many plates spinning at once without letting too many fall to floor. If fact,Continue reading “I’m Over Overwhelmed”