How Will Your Divorce Change You?

When I was dealing with the aftermath of my divorce, I was reminded of the PlayDoh extruder toy I had as a child. I would marvel at the smooth, even shiny, surface of the dough when it was first removed from the canister. Then, I would feed the material through the extruder where it was split and molded into a variety of forms. When it was time to clean up, I always tried to recreate the same smooth cylinder of clay as I started with.

It never worked. Because even though all the raw material was still there, it had been shaped and pressed to such an extent that it could never be the way it was before.

And that’s how the divorce felt. It was one of those life experiences where, even as you’re going through it, you know it will become a dividing line between the “before” and the “after.”

Because divorce changes you. That you cannot control.

But maybe you can influence just how it will change you. Read how here.



One thought on “How Will Your Divorce Change You?

  1. Thanks! Had not previously heard of Divorce Force before. In our local divorce support group many members have drank deeply from the pitcher of koolaid that has the book The Secret in it.

    I have read the book and watched the movie. It did assist me in resetting my negative thoughts after my initial separation. I needed it.
    I am also an atheist, so seeing the Credotropism article referenced here was a useful way of packaging the paradoxes of my nonbelief with my belief or knowledge of what works for me.

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