How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex

Some people end up friends with their exes.

Some people are able to successfully navigate their way into a companionate coparenting or business relationship with their spouse.

And others have an ex from you-know-where that continues to cause pain and wreak havoc long after the divorce.

Sometimes you can go no-contact and excise the malignancy.

But what can you do if you can’t remove your ex from your life but you still want to remove the emotions from the interactions? You may be stuck with them, but you don’t have to be stuck with how they make you feel.  Here are 11 ways that you can find emotional distance from a difficult ex.


2 thoughts on “How to Remove the Emotion When Dealing With a Difficult Ex

  1. Another great post on life after divorce. I too celebrated every month when all the bills, including the assumed debt, were paid knowing my ex-wife was driving herself back into debt. After 1,198 days of laser focus on following a strict budget, my only debt now is my mortgage with my savings slowly building. Patience is the key to financial freedom. I am fortunate to have been able to take the no contact route in dealing with my ex-wife. A co-worker advised me early on to refer to my ex-wife by her first name when talking with my children.(“your mother” has a negative sound and no doubt a vocal inflection will be present no matter how hard one tries). So far I have agreed with my adult children not to discuss anything connected to the divorce.

  2. Gratitude helped a lot and got easier as I processed the grief. In time, I became grateful for for freedom, space, and no snoring. Now, I’m grateful the children are grown and I don’t have to have any contact with him.

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