7 Vital Lessons Divorce Teaches Children

I was in elementary school when my parents divorced and my dad moved out. I remember being confused – how could a family suddenly be not-a-family? I was sad – not only did I miss my dad, but I saw that mom was hurting. And I was ashamed, concerned that somehow my friends would judgeContinue reading “7 Vital Lessons Divorce Teaches Children”

20 Factors That Strongly Influence Your Personal Divorce Experience

  Your divorce is not your neighbor’s divorce. The experience is different for everyone, the timeline and its landmarks unique to you. Before you doubt yourself, your timeline and your way of encountering divorce, consider the following factors that make your experience different than anybody else’s.   1 – Prior Knowledge   Some divorces catchContinue reading “20 Factors That Strongly Influence Your Personal Divorce Experience”

Dating After Divorce: Common Pitfalls

Are you dating after divorce? Here are some common pitfalls to be aware of –   I received a message the other day from a woman who was recently divorced after fifteen years of marriage. But that’s not why she was reaching out. She was instead asking for help dealing with the utter devastation she wasContinue reading “Dating After Divorce: Common Pitfalls”