Important Lessons You Learn From Living Alone

Nothing had changed. It was the strangest sensation. I left the apartment just before 6:00 am for work and when I returned that night, nothing  had changed in the intervening hours. The coffee cup was still by the side of the sink with its cold contents beginning to separate. The selected – and then rejectedContinue reading “Important Lessons You Learn From Living Alone”

Important Factors to Consider Before Relocating for a Relationship

Have you ever relocated for a relationship? I have. Twice. The first time, I followed my future-ex-husband from San Antonio to Atlanta. I left behind family, friends and school to move to unseen apartment in a city that I had never even visited. Even with all of the sacrifice, I never considered not making theContinue reading “Important Factors to Consider Before Relocating for a Relationship”

A Geographic

Brock has been busy lately. Very busy. So when he had to drive to the other side of town this morning to drop something off for work, he invited me along for the ride. That’s life – sometimes quality time comes from a romantic evening out and sometimes it comes in the form of anContinue reading “A Geographic”

Directions: First Close, Then Open

Those are the directions on the housewarming gift I’m leaving for Brock this morning. In a few hours we close on the new house. Needless to say, there hasn’t been much sleeping ’round these parts the last few nights. I’m excited. So damn excited. I’m starting to let myself believe that this is actually going toContinue reading “Directions: First Close, Then Open”