Moments of Vulnerability After Divorce

There are things about divorce that nobody tells you ahead of time. This is one of them. Before my tsunami divorce, I felt like a capable adult. After? There were moments where I felt like a complete badass. And moments where I felt like a weak and vulnerable child. Those feelings of vulnerability have aContinue reading “Moments of Vulnerability After Divorce”

Anxiety After Divorce

The dictionary defines anxiety as, “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Well, it’s no wonder then that anxiety becomes a constant companion for many facing divorce, which certainly epitomizes an “imminent event…with an uncertain outcome.” It’s normal to feel anxious before, during andContinue reading “Anxiety After Divorce”

Critical Signs That Your Emotional Walls Are Too High

After experiencing heartbreak, it’s natural to take a protective stance, to build emotional walls in an attempt to head off any additional pain and loss. These precautionary barricades serve an important purpose at first, as they help to shield us from additional assaults while we’re still tending to the wounds that require immediate attention andContinue reading “Critical Signs That Your Emotional Walls Are Too High”

Benefits of Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

I had two choices for my morning run today – the relative comfort of a treadmill in my dry and air-conditioned gym or the muddy trails of a nearby park in the rain and oppressive mugginess that blankets the east coast in the warm months. I debated for a few moments, considered how miserable IContinue reading “Benefits of Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone”