Critical Signs That Your Emotional Walls Are Too High

After experiencing heartbreak, it’s natural to take a protective stance, to build emotional walls in an attempt to head off any additional pain and loss. These precautionary barricades serve an important purpose at first, as they help to shield us from additional assaults while we’re still tending to the wounds that require immediate attention andContinue reading “Critical Signs That Your Emotional Walls Are Too High”

There’s More Than One Way to Wear a Wedding Ring

Marriages stand a better chance when they begin with conversations rather than assumptions. It’s all too easy to enter marriage with an expectation of what it is going to look like. It is all too easy to expect that your partner-to-be (or even current spouse) has the same view and presumptions about matrimony as youContinue reading “There’s More Than One Way to Wear a Wedding Ring”

Fine China

It seems like people possess one of two mindsets when it comes to their dishes. Some invest in a glorious set of matching fine china with visions of dinner parties and holiday dinners dancing through their heads. The dishes are prized, often protected behind the glass barricade of a cabinet. Every use requires an internalContinue reading “Fine China”


I’ve been feeling very vulnerable lately. Why? Who knows, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? What matters is that I need to learn to be here when my body is screaming for to hide and bury my head beneath the covers and my mind is begging for to re-erect the barriers that once surroundedContinue reading “Vulnerable”