Anxiety After Divorce

The dictionary defines anxiety as, “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Well, it’s no wonder then that anxiety becomes a constant companion for many facing divorce, which certainly epitomizes an “imminent event…with an uncertain outcome.” It’s normal to feel anxious before, during andContinue reading “Anxiety After Divorce”

Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather

It’s been an odd winter in the Southeast this year. We’ve had record rainfall and relatively moderate temperatures. The near-constant flooding has meant that most of the trails (many of which run alongside streams in low-lying areas) have been inaccessible and even damaged from the fast flowing water. Without perspective, you might easily assume thatContinue reading “Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather”

Guest Post: Proof Divorce Can Make You Happier

When you’re in the midst of it, divorce and happiness seem mutually exclusive. As though you’re not only divorcing your spouse, but also splitting from your ability to ever smile again. This post gives hope that happiness can follow on the heels of divorce. That sometimes losing what we thought we wanted can sometimes beContinue reading “Guest Post: Proof Divorce Can Make You Happier”

Podcast: Cool Things to Look Forward to After Your Divorce

I know. “Looking forward” and “divorce” seem to be oxymoronic when considered together. But I promise, they’re not. Without a doubt, divorce sucks. It’s traumatic, painful and life-altering. And it’s also an opportunity. A crack in the wall that permits the light that allows you to see yourself clearly. A rip in the fabric thatContinue reading “Podcast: Cool Things to Look Forward to After Your Divorce”