Diving for Pearls

There are times when Truth is important – When my students use verified geometric theorems to prove triangles congruent. When my husband tells me where he’s going on a Tuesday night. When my doctor asks about my family history of cancer.   And then there are times when Truth really doesn’t matter.   A personContinue reading “Diving for Pearls”

The Pathology Behind the Lie

I don’t get spooked easily. But I’m spooked right now. Not because of anything imminent. But because I’m really starting to understand what kind of danger I may have been in. When the police first told me how lucky I was to make it out of my first marriage alive, I brushed off their concern.Continue reading “The Pathology Behind the Lie”

The Entitled Ones

We all start out believing that we are the center of the world. And then as we grow, our sense of our place in the world shifts. Until we realize that we are not the center of the world. but a part of the world. With a responsibility to step and speak with kindness andContinue reading “The Entitled Ones”

Covert Abuse

I’ve never thought of my ex as abusive. Then readers tell me they recognize their (very much abusive) spouses in my descriptions of my ex. And I wonder. I read a story in the paper about a domestic murder in the county where my ex and I lived and I always half expect to seeContinue reading “Covert Abuse”