I Screwed Up

One of the traits I most admire in my now-husband is his willingness to admit when he screws something up. I shared this image with him a few months back: His response? "I must be brilliant then because I always look foolish." Which he doesn't. But he also doesn't try to hide it when he … Continue reading I Screwed Up

In Perpetuity

"Mom, what does 'in perpetuity' mean?" I asked from the backseat as we drove by an intown San Antonio theater advertising Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday 10 pm  with the unfamiliar words posted beneath. "It means it keeps repeating, going on without end." "So they show that same movie every Friday? That's dumb," I concluded … Continue reading In Perpetuity


I don't believe my ex intended to leave the marriage via text. In fact, what I think he had planned was much worse. I was across the country when he packed his belongings into his car and drove away from his life. I was supposed to return to Atlanta six days later, where I was … Continue reading Alone

Lipstick On a Pig

It was just an ordinary day. But my reaction was anything but ordinary. It started out innocently enough. My now-ex-husband and I were walking through the mall on a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon when he posed an innocuous question: "How many stores here apart from department stores do you think sell lipstick?" I pondered for … Continue reading Lipstick On a Pig

Use Your Words

I like to read advice columns and forums where people seek guidance and direction. It's interesting to find where people struggle and comforting to find the universal life themes interwoven in many of the dilemmas. But there is one common theme I don't quite understand - asking a stranger a question that you really need to … Continue reading Use Your Words