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18 Steps to Financial Independence During and After Divorce

It is not uncommon for divorce to initiate a financial crisis. The process itself is expensive. There are real and often high costs associated with splitting a life and creating two households. Health expenses...


Cutting the Last Tie

It’s going on two hours now and I can’t stop crying.   I thought I had six more months. That’s what I had paced myself for and steeled myself for. But I don’t have...


Self Sabotage

I am about to take a risk. A calculated one. A paced one. But a risk nonetheless. And I’m scared. I’m scared I might fail. I’m scared I’m making a wrong choice. I’m scared...


Fear of Commitment?

Are you afraid of commitment? Have you been in a relationship with someone who experiences trepidation at the thought of pledging devotion? We tend to think of people who shy away from commitment as...

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