18 Steps to Financial Independence During and After Divorce

It is not uncommon for divorce to initiate a financial crisis. The process itself is expensive. There are real and often high costs associated with splitting a life and creating two households. Health expenses may increase along with your (and possibly your children’s) stress levels. And that’s all assuming that your ex didn’t play dirtyContinue reading “18 Steps to Financial Independence During and After Divorce”

Self Sabotage

I am about to take a risk. A calculated one. A paced one. But a risk nonetheless. And I’m scared. I’m scared I might fail. I’m scared I’m making a wrong choice. I’m scared that I’ll have trouble fitting everything in and I’ll lose focus on what’s important. I’m scared I’ll make people upset. OrContinue reading “Self Sabotage”

Fear of Commitment?

Are you afraid of commitment? Have you been in a relationship with someone who experiences trepidation at the thought of pledging devotion? We tend to think of people who shy away from commitment as being immature or unwilling to make sacrifices. Maybe you use it as an excuse yourself to keep others at arm’s length.Continue reading “Fear of Commitment?”