Is Love Worth the Risk?

This piece – Will I Ever Trust Again? – is making the Facebook rounds. The responses to the question? “Nope.” “Never.” “Unfortunately, no.” The comments garnered share a common theme, that the potential benefits of trusting again are not worth the inevitable risk. And trusting again after betrayal is a risk. Loving again after lossContinue reading “Is Love Worth the Risk?”

Divorce Insurance

My mom recently bought a new car which seemed to come with a seemingly endless stream of extended warranty offers and additional insurance opportunities. Insurance is an industry that capitalizes on our fears, offering reassurances in exchange for money and promising certainty rather than risk. Insurance plays tricks on our brains. We somehow think that becauseContinue reading “Divorce Insurance”

Self Sabotage

I am about to take a risk. A calculated one. A paced one. But a risk nonetheless. And I’m scared. I’m scared I might fail. I’m scared I’m making a wrong choice. I’m scared that I’ll have trouble fitting everything in and I’ll lose focus on what’s important. I’m scared I’ll make people upset. OrContinue reading “Self Sabotage”