Shame: The Silent Relationship Killer

Is shame at the root of your relationship problems? In most discussions of the common relationship killers, the usual suspects are named: infidelity, finances, addiction, abuse, changes in external demands, or a growing distance between the partners. Yet, there is a silent relationship killer that often lurks underneath those commonly listed reasons and is aContinue reading “Shame: The Silent Relationship Killer”

Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse

At this point, the only real regret I have about my first marriage was that I didn’t know. Not about the financial and sexual infidelity (although it would have been nice to have had some insider information!). And not even about his plan to leave and secure another wife. I regret that I didn’t knowContinue reading “Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse”

The Judgement of Pain – Enough Already!

They’re dropping like flies. The daily bombardment of death and destruction as the bombs render flesh and landscape into unrecognizable rubble is too much to bear and the drone operators are leaving the job behind to retain their sanity. The intimate, up-close view brings the carnage into reality, even when the one operating the droneContinue reading “The Judgement of Pain – Enough Already!”