Voices of Divorce

We all know about The Five Love Languages, but do you know about the five voices of divorce? You may not refer to them by name, but if you have faced the end of a relationship, you have certainly heard their call. Unlike the gentle languages of love, the voices of divorce are harsh, oftenContinue reading “Voices of Divorce”


I read a post this morning by Matt on You Must Be This Tall to Ride that got me thinking about assumptions. Assumptions, both intentional and otherwise, have played a major role in my healing and my view on relationships. We make assumptions to fill in gaps in information. Our brains hate these voids andContinue reading “(Ass)umptions”

Blame – Continuing the Conversation

So why do we play the blame game at the end of a marriage, assigning guilt like we’re tallying points in a shuffleboard match? Why does it have to turn into a bride vs. groom match with everyone taking sides? The blame frequently starts within the dissolving union. One partner often holds the other responsibleContinue reading “Blame – Continuing the Conversation”

The Blame Game

Why is it that some people (those who have never been divorced, or even married, I would suspect) are so quick to lay blame on the end of a marriage.  I mainly hear this when there is abandonment or infidelity involved; the expressed assumption is that the spouse on the receiving end must have somehowContinue reading “The Blame Game”