Biting My Tongue Until It Bleeds

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” We’ve all heard that wisdom. Advice handed down by a parent or teacher, perhaps in response to unkind words we uttered or as a reminder that we don’t have to share every thought that crosses our minds. And much of the time, that adviseContinue reading “Biting My Tongue Until It Bleeds”

‘Cause He’s the King

In my freshman year of high school, I had an art class during the last period of the day. The art teacher’s six-year-old son attended the elementary school next door, which released an hour earlier than the high school. Every day, about five minutes after the start of class, the door to art room wouldContinue reading “‘Cause He’s the King”

Voices of Divorce

We all know about The Five Love Languages, but do you know about the five voices of divorce? You may not refer to them by name, but if you have faced the end of a relationship, you have certainly heard their call. Unlike the gentle languages of love, the voices of divorce are harsh, oftenContinue reading “Voices of Divorce”

Do You Ever Hear That Voice?

Do you ever hear that voice? The one that tells you that you’re not (good/smart/strong/thin/pretty/rich) enough? The voice that finds your insecurities and broadcasts them back to you? The voice that makes you question your choices. Your life. Your worth. Do you ever hear it? Do you listen? I’ve been listening to it lately. ItContinue reading “Do You Ever Hear That Voice?”