We’ll Get Through This Together

There are many words that feel amazing to receive:   “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” “You are amazing.” “I appreciate you.”   There are times those are the words we need to hear. They let us know that we’re seen, accepted, valued and cared for. These words are the valuable currency of relationshipsContinue reading “We’ll Get Through This Together”

After Divorce: The Compelling Case for Detached Compassion

“My ex was such a big part of my life my so many years, I can’t imagine not being friends with them.” “After what my ex did to me, there’s no way that I can ever forgive them. I’m just so angry.” “I just heard that my ex is already dating again! Can you believeContinue reading “After Divorce: The Compelling Case for Detached Compassion”

The Three Golden Rules of Complaining

We all do it – Grumble and moan about the things that just aren’t going right. Vent out the vitriol accumulated after some perceived wrongdoing. Or harbor a tendency to paint a situation in negativity, focusing on what is lacking rather than on what is there. We all do it – We complain out loudContinue reading “The Three Golden Rules of Complaining”

7 Areas to Upsize During Divorce

Divorce is a pruning of your life. Limbs are removed and the whole is pared back, perhaps to its base, leaving only the bare minimum needed to sustain life. There are many areas where it is prudent to downsize to simplify and remove excess stressors, focusing only on the most critical needs. But divorce isContinue reading “7 Areas to Upsize During Divorce”