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The Five Kinds of People You Need in Your Life During Divorce

I developed an unlikely friend during divorce. She was 22 to my 32. She was wildly single, never having even been in a single serious relationship, whereas I had been partnered half of my life. She was carefree, while I was burdened. Naive in contrast to my tendency to somehow attract too much life experience.

Yet even though we were polar opposite in many ways, she became not only a friend, but even a type of mentor for me.

Because divorce is a strange time. You lose some friends, yet you gain a greater appreciation for those who stay. You cut some people off while you extend an invitation to others. You may find yourself drawn to different kinds of people and more receptive to the gifts that they have to offer.

Through hindsight and the unique perspective of hearing about the divorce recovery process from so many others, here are the five (very different) kinds of people that can help you through divorce. 






  1. I think about this all of the time! I have a new group of friends in their early twenties (10+year age difference). I have found that their acceptance of me has helped to accelerate my healing process.

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