Why We Struggle to Believe Things Can Be Different

I recently turned (gulp!) forty. Something about those milestone birthstone birthdays encourages reflection. So I found myself thinking back to my thirtieth birthday… Ten years ago, I awoke with the determination to learn to run a mile. My first efforts were pitiful, as I barely managed to cover a quarter of my goal. But itContinue reading “Why We Struggle to Believe Things Can Be Different”

Podcast – Transformation After Divorce

Your divorce changes you. In this podcast, you will learn how to navigate and guide this transformation. Because maybe, just maybe, you can emerge on the other side even better than before.   New podcast on Life After Divorce with DivorceForce CEO and founder, Gregory Frank and guests Randi Levin Coaching & Lisa Arends authorContinue reading “Podcast – Transformation After Divorce”

How to Create Lasting Change

Transformation requires change both in thoughts and in actions. And change is difficult to initiate and often even more difficult to sustain. The following are some tips and suggestions for creating lasting change in any area of your life: Make your goals specific, actionable and measurable. For example, saying. “I want to be happier,” isContinue reading “How to Create Lasting Change”

Get Fit Virtual Event

Discover the #1 shared secret that super achievers like Oprah, Richard Branson and Bill Gates link to their success Do you have any idea what top performers in all walks of life have in common? (Think about that for a moment!) You might say they’re all brilliant or that they have amazing focus and determination. Continue reading “Get Fit Virtual Event”