How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge

Stephen King calls spite “methadone for the soul,” a replacement preoccupation we partake of in order to avoid the real pain of suffering. And much like a drug,  a feeling of ill will towards those who have harmed us is a challenging habit to quit. It’s normal to want to strike back, to want thoseContinue reading “How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge”

What Would Make it All Okay?

I used to play this mind game with myself. I started by thinking it would all be okay if he had to face me. I entertained vicious dreams of inflicting bodily harm in order to make him feel at least a piece of the pain I was experiencing. But really all that would do wasContinue reading “What Would Make it All Okay?”


I read the report of the woman who broadcast a cheater’s picture on Facebook with equal parts understanding, shame and revulsion. When I first decided to go public with my story, I wanted to use his name and his image. I rationalized it by the fact that his arrest records and mugshot are public documentsContinue reading “Vengeance”