What I Really, Really, Really Wish I Could Tell My Ex Husband

“I was right.” Now, I’m well aware that those words sound sanctimonious and snotty. But I also think I’ve earned a little sanctimonious and snotty after dealing with abandonment and betrayal. Besides, they’re true. I was right all those years ago. And I really, really, really wish I could tell him that using a napkinContinue reading “What I Really, Really, Really Wish I Could Tell My Ex Husband”

Pin the Tail on the Victim

It’s rare that a news story makes me angry. But this one managed to get under my skin and infuriate me. A teacher in California has been fired after her abusive and threatening ex husband showed up at her school, violating his restraining order. The school was forced to go into lockdown until the exContinue reading “Pin the Tail on the Victim”


I read the report of the woman who broadcast a cheater’s picture on Facebook with equal parts understanding, shame and revulsion. When I first decided to go public with my story, I wanted to use his name and his image. I rationalized it by the fact that his arrest records and mugshot are public documentsContinue reading “Vengeance”

Slaying the Dragon

Regrettably, this is a metaphorical slaying only. No dragons (or ex husbands, as the case is here) were harmed in the making of this post. Unfortunately.   It’s been a rough 24 hours after seeing my ex husband for the first time in over 3 years. I almost wish that I had called in sickContinue reading “Slaying the Dragon”