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What I Really, Really, Really Wish I Could Tell My Ex Husband

“I was right.” Now, I’m well aware that those words sound sanctimonious and snotty. But I also think I’ve earned a little sanctimonious and snotty after dealing with abandonment and betrayal. Besides, they’re true....


Pin the Tail on the Victim

It’s rare that a news story makes me angry. But this one managed to get under my skin and infuriate me. A teacher in California has been fired after her abusive and threatening ex...



I read the report of the woman who broadcast a cheater’s picture on Facebook with equal parts understanding, shame and revulsion. When I first decided to go public with my story, I wanted to...


Slaying the Dragon

Regrettably, this is a metaphorical slaying only. No dragons (or ex husbands, as the case is here) were harmed in the making of this post. Unfortunately.   It’s been a rough 24 hours after...


Radical Gratitude

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to send Brock a daily email with a message of how I love and appreciate him. It’s amazing how much starting my day that way helps to put me...

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