A Thank-You Note to Winter Storm Jonas

Dear Jonas – I was mad at you on Thursday. You see, your predecessor prompted school to release early on Wednesday without much prior warning. The resulting exhaustion from trying to convince excited kids to engage in math instruction and stress from reworking lesson plans had me a bit raw. And then you showed up.Continue reading “A Thank-You Note to Winter Storm Jonas”

Storm Warning

It’s always weird waiting for a storm. What used to be hours of warnings heralded by a threatening sky and whistling wind has been stretched to days announced over panicked bits and bytes even while the sun continues to smile. The advance notification is so important for saving lives and protecting property. Yet it alsoContinue reading “Storm Warning”

Life Lessons From a Mechanical Bull

No, I didn’t ride the bull. What are you, crazy? I have a marathon this weekend and I would be way too embarrassed to tell people that I couldn’t run because I fell off a taurian hunk of metal in a identity-confused bar in an aging tourist town with its own character issues. No, thankContinue reading “Life Lessons From a Mechanical Bull”