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Strategies to Override Negative Thoughts After Divorce

It is completely normal to be plagued with negative thoughts during and after divorce. It’s a challenging time where you’re facing loss and uncertainty and your prior coping strategies may not be quite up...


Five Strategies to Cope With a Lack of Motivation During Divorce

At first, it was a fight for survival that kept me going. That was soon replaced with a desire for justice. Then, some excitement for new possibilities provided a slight trickle of motivation to...

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A Message For Those Who Are Feeling Hopeless

Sorry the volume is so quiet! ​   ​

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Is Living After An Unwanted Divorce Worth It?

“Is living after an unwanted divorce worth it?” That particular search string has been leading people to my blog these past few weeks. And every time I see it, I feel a pull to...


I Feel Hopeless

Discouraging doesn’t even come close. So many days, it just feels impossible. There is so much to do. So much to rebuild. And you just have nothing left. No energy. No money. No time....

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