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Assuming Intent

The year was 1997. Accomplished chess player Garry Kasparov was again facing a unique opponent, the computer known as Deep Blue. When the computer made a move that appeared irrational to Garry, he grew agitated...


Yes, Me Too

I’ve really been on the fence about writing this post. On the one hand, I don’t feel like I should have a voice in the discussion since I have been fortunate enough to escape...


Update and a New Podcast

I had a dream come true last week. For almost twenty years, I’ve been online-stalking tropical yoga retreats. And last year, when I saw a women’s trip to Costa Rica listed on the event...


Fall Reading Round Up

This interesting list has 17 strategies that individuals and couples can use to strengthen and support their relationships has been distilled from over 1,000 relationship studies.   This listicle describes 7 common cognitive fallacies...


Looking For Divorce Stories

I’m working on a project where I need stories about situations where the divorce process and/or court system put you in a no-win situation. These stories will be summarized and all identifying details will...

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