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Sensitivity Training

The room was well over 100°. The humidity inside rivaled an Amazonian rain forest and the sweat dripping off our bodies onto the tiled floor evoked the sounds of the rain […]

Get My Motor Runnin’

It’s time to disconnect from my teacher persona for a time. I’m setting Mrs. Arends, the uber-planner and ultra-type-A educator, aside for a time so that I can reconnect with Lisa, […]

Dumping Dysfunction

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dated (or married) someone that now makes you shake your head in disbelief. Don’t be shy. You’re not alone. Now, take an honest look […]

Turning Microaggressions Into Microappreciations

I hear more and more about microaggressions – slight, often unintended discriminatory comments or behaviors directed towards some individual or group. Microaggressions are subtle and often reveal a subconscious bias. It’s easy […]

I Love You Enough

“I love you enough to feed you into the wood chipper head first,” I announced mirthfully to my husband the other night on our way to dinner. Which got me […]

7 Years Ago Today

Seven years ago today, I awoke afraid of seeing the man who had abandoned me eight months before. And when he passed me in the courthouse hall, I didn’t even […]

Take One, Leave One

If you have some favorite break up resources, here’s an awesome Google doc where you can share your ideas and also learn from others. What a cool idea:) And while […]

Dreading Valentine’s Day?

Over on my Facebook page, I’ve been sharing plenty of Valentine’s Day snark. And it’s been well-received. Because, let’s face it, V Day can be like D Day for the […]

New Interview on Sivana

I have a new interview up at Sivana, a blog focused on yoga and conscious living. Check it out! And here’s my personal view on yoga 🙂

A Misunderstanding

A misunderstanding. Tinged perhaps with my own poorly expressed sense of disappointment. Hurt feelings and a perception of being unrecognized. Is there any worse feeling than that of letting down […]

All I Want For Christmas is a ThunderShirt

For those of you unaware of this remarkarkable item, this is a ThunderShirt. They provide compression that helps to alleviate canine anxiety. The name comes from their intended use during […]

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