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This is Different

I have words in my head again that want to get out. That are demanding to get out, in fact. But they won’t be shared here. At least not yet. […]

It’s Time For Me to Move Out

Out of my head, that is. I have a long-entrenched tendency when things get difficult of retreating deep into the recesses of the thinky place. It’s a comfortable place for […]

Dropped Thoughts

I just realized this afternoon that this has been the longest period I’ve gone without writing since I started in earnest over five years ago. It’s not by choice. It’s […]

Change is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier

It’s not just seasons changing in these parts. The school where I’ve worked for the past five years has become swollen. Overripe and bursting with more kids than the building […]

Decisions, Decisions

This is a vending machine located in my school. Notice the words above the money slot. And then look at the product available for sale. Every time I walk by, […]

It Stays With You

Texas has been getting pummeled with repeated rounds of severe storms. And Texans aren’t surprised. Because they’ve come to expect these epic storms. It’s familiar territory. And once you’ve been […]

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