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8 Ways This Election is Like a Dirty Divorce

Can I just hibernate until November? Pretty please? I reached election fatigue several months ago and it’s only getting worse with the ever-present coverage and the ever-increasing contemptible behavior from […]

Six Years Ago Today

Six years ago today, I awoke afraid of seeing the man who had abandoned me eight months before. And when he passed me in the courthouse hall, I didn’t even […]

How to Fight Fairly With Your Spouse

When Brock and I first started getting serious, I was afraid of arguments. Because I didn’t know how to have them. When it came to marital spats, I was a […]

Suggestions Wanted

Today was a day where my expectations ran head-first at a high rate of speed into reality. Expectations = students will master solving systems of linear equations by substitution Reality […]

A Thank-You Note to Winter Storm Jonas

Dear Jonas – I was mad at you on Thursday. You see, your predecessor prompted school to release early on Wednesday without much prior warning. The resulting exhaustion from trying […]

Married Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Lame

The search string, “married sex is lame” led someone to my neck of the blogosphere yesterday. I’m not sure why that combination of words led to me because even though […]

Goodbye Perfect

My new car has its first battle wound. A 4-inch scrape on the rear quarter panel that I spotted after work on Thursday. My first response was disbelief, how could […]

My First-Ever New Year’s Resolution

I’m generally not a fan of resolutions – they generally aim too high, lack staying power and lead to feelings of guilt and failure when they inevitably crash and burn. […]

Looking the Wrong Direction

When I was young, I used to drive my mom crazy by insisting upon walking one direction while holding my gaze steady in another. When the inevitable collisions and falls […]

Domino of Desire

So the kitchen renovation is now basically complete. The planned replacements are installed – new cabinet veneer hiding the scars of old wood, the new counter tops and back splash […]

What If…

What might happen if you start with the belief that this just might be the best thing to ever happen to you?


As a kid, I remember hearing my mom grumbling about “reentry” after a trip. I used to think it was a bit dramatic. I mean you unload the car, do […]

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