Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?

The following was shared on my Facebook page recently- “Some days I feel like I got the grief period beat and then something will happen and I catch myself crying.” I responded in part, “That up and down is completely normal. The hurt will fade in time. Just keep your focus on where you wantContinue reading “Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?”

The Mistake You May Be Making With Your Divorce Pain

“Why am I still hurting so badly?” the email implores of me, the writer speaking of her ten-year-old divorce. As I read her message that details her divorce and her continued and prolonged sadness, I found myself thinking about how the modern western world handles death. Before the rise of the modern medical and funeralContinue reading “The Mistake You May Be Making With Your Divorce Pain”

When the Divorce Doldrums Collide With the Winter Blues

Divorce is difficult no matter when it occurs. Yet somehow the cold, dark days of winter seem to amplify its effects. A perfect storm forming when the outer world reflects your inner one and when hibernation tends towards isolation. If you’re having trouble navigating your divorce while dealing with the seasonal blues, check out theseContinue reading “When the Divorce Doldrums Collide With the Winter Blues”

I Feel Sad

Are you feeling sad after divorce? Divorce is a death of a marriage. A death of the future. A death of your present. And, in some cases, a death of the past you thought you had. Like any death, there is an intense sense of loss. Of mourning. I remember feeling the aching void leftContinue reading “I Feel Sad”