6 Surprising Causes of Resentment (And How to Neutralize Them)

I could feel it starting to rise in my belly like a yeasty dough set upon a counter in the sun. My reaction was stronger than the action which prompted it, a sure sign that there was more beneath the surface. Last fall, I had reached the conclusion that we would not be doing anyContinue reading “6 Surprising Causes of Resentment (And How to Neutralize Them)”

How to Dilute Your Bitterness

The end of a marriage, especially when it comes with infidelity, courtroom drama or excessive vitriol, is like taking a large shot of concentrated bitter. Bitterness comes when we feel a situation was unfair and outside of our control. It is fed by blame, when we feel as though someone else could have prevented theContinue reading “How to Dilute Your Bitterness”


I’m often complemented on my positive attitude about everything that happened to me. It hasn’t always been that way. I was angry. Furious that the person I trusted most in this world betrayed me in the most horrific ways, causing me to lose everything I held sacred. I cursed him. I dreamed violent dreams. IContinue reading “Attitude”