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Category: Trust & Betrayal

Six Revealing Reasons People Cheat

Have you been cheated on and you’re wondering why it happened? (It may not be what you think.) Are you in a relationship and you’re concerned your partner may stray? […]

How to Ease the Torment of Infidelity

Finding out that your partner has cheated is a special kind of hell. From the incessant questions that plague your uneasy mind to the sense of rejection and unworthiness, an […]

love divorce fall out

How to Fall Out of Love

Sometimes I wish everything was as direct and straightforward as teaching algebra. Where every concept begins with a clear definition, which can then be followed by a specific series of […]

Choosing Poorly

I made a poor choice this past Saturday. I didn’t know it at the time, but by lunchtime today, it was beyond clear. The broccoli, purchased on Saturday, was bad. […]


The Entitled Ones

We all start out believing that we are the center of the world. And then as we grow, our sense of our place in the world shifts. Until we realize […]

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