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Category: Trust & Betrayal

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What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

What happens to the ones who leave? The ones who lie and deceive and then walk out the door into their next chapter without so much as a glance behind. […]

When Would You Want to Know?

Brock and I have been talking a lot about marriage lately – our own, others and just marriages in general. Last night, on the drive home from the last holiday […]

Waiting for the Other Shoe

The hardest part about the way my marriage ended is trying to live without always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, things are great now. Really great. […]


When the Affair is the Beginning

An affair is not an uncommon start to a new relationship. What begins as an illicit dalliance becomes legitimized as marriages are ended and secrets are brought into the open. […]

Tells – The Truth Always Finds a Way Out

Last night, we watched the movie Rounders, a drama where Matt Damon and Edward Norton portray high-stakes poker players. It was intriguing to disappear into that risky and shadowy world […]


The Why Trap (And How to Get Out)

There are so many traps post-divorce that can grab hold and keep you stuck – The anger trap that convinces you that you won’t be okay until he or she […]


Can You Trust Your Partner?

Trust is a big deal to me. I thought I could trust my ex. After all, I had known him since high school, had unrestricted access to his iPhone and […]


I don’t believe my ex intended to leave the marriage via text. In fact, what I think he had planned was much worse. I was across the country when he […]

I Hate Mums

We walked into Home Depot the other day to buy a section of fence to replace the one that was splintered by the felled tree the other day (totally off […]

It’s Nice to Be Important

Not long after we started dating, I accompanied my teenage boyfriend to his grandfather’s funeral. I had never met nor heard anything about the deceased; my first impression came from […]


Whenever I stumble across the words “affair-proof,” my mind responds like the Incredible Hulk — raging and ready to rip. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wish I could find […]

Why People Cheat

I never thought I’d tackle this post. First of all, if I could answer this question with certainty, I certainly would not be teaching middle school math; I’d be taking […]

grass isn't greener

The Grass Isn’t Greener

For some reason I have been receiving quite a few messages lately from people who are looking for my validation of their decision to a) have an affair, b) continue […]


The Upside of Betrayal

No one needs to tell you that betrayal sucks. It’s a piercing pain formed from grief, anger and confusion. It steals your ability to trust, both in yourself and others. […]

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