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Finding Understanding In the Lies Cheaters Tell


benefit of the doubt 5

When Giving the Benefit of the Doubt Goes Too Far

I thought I was doing the right thing by giving my ex-husband the benefit of the doubt. When he blamed a bank error for the lack of money in the checking account, I believed...


Been Cheated On? 8 Infuriating Excuses You Can Expect to Hear

You discovered that your partner cheated. Whether they decided to come clean or were caught in the act, there are certain excuses that cheaters tend to utter. These overarching phrases have a tendency to...


The Words I Hate to Hear

There are two words that I hate to hear more than anything else: “I can’t.” I hear them in the classroom. I read them on Facebook or on my Twitter feed. I hear them...



Our brains are rather comical creatures. Have you ever noticed how they have a tendency to throw up excuses faster than a juggler’s balls in the final act rather than simply face reality? Have...

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