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It is natural to resist. To struggle. To put up a fight. It is natural for us but that does not mean that it always helps us. I receive a lesson in surrendering twice...


On the Menu: A Popeye-Endorsed Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

Yup, that’s right.  A vegan milkshake.  Well, actually, a vegan protein shake that just happens to taste like my favorite flavor of ice cream.  And, did I mention it contains spinach?  And that it...


Balm Squad

There are times in our lives when even the biggest and strongest among us need to be soothed.  We crave the warm embrace and soft folds of our childhoods.  Since it is generally not...


On the Menu: Big Salad, Big Sun, and Chuck Palahniuk

It’s spring break!  No Tupperware for me today!  My initial (active) plans for today were scuttled by the protestations of my tummy, so I gave in to a day of reading and sunning on...


Chocolate and Willpower

According to a new study, those who eat chocolate tend to have a lower BMI.  My guess is that it all comes down to willpower.  You see, we only have so much of it. ...

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