Revelations in Raddichio

Yesterday morning, I received the following post on my Facebook page: Would you be interested in going on a date with me? Say, dinner and a movie tonight? If so, could you please meet me at my place by 6:00 pm? Oh yeah, BTW I have a big dog that is really nice so don’tContinue reading “Revelations in Raddichio”

On the Menu: Big Salad, Big Sun, and Chuck Palahniuk

It’s spring break!  No Tupperware for me today!  My initial (active) plans for today were scuttled by the protestations of my tummy, so I gave in to a day of reading and sunning on the deck. Lunch today was a BIG salad. First, I prepped by baking some tofu.  I made this batch spicy, addingContinue reading “On the Menu: Big Salad, Big Sun, and Chuck Palahniuk”